Business Account Fees

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your business account.

General Business Account Fees

Account Activity Research (per hour) minimum


Bad Address on Statement (per statement)


Cashier's Check




Duplicate Member Statement (1st statement free) each additional

$1.00 per page

Fax Transmission - Domestic (per page)


Fax Transmission - International (per page)


Collection Items


IRS Levy/Garnishments


Money Orders (each)


Dormancy on Account (per month dormant)


Account Closure w/in 90 days


Account Reopen w/in 90 days


Bank Bag


Bank Bag with Lock



Foreign Fees

Canadian Checks


Foreign Bank Drafts (Foreign Currency)


Foreign Bank Drafts (US Currency)


Foreign Bank Draft Stop Payments (each)


Other Foreign Checks with Foreign Denomination


Other Foreign Checks with US Dollars/ Third World Foreign Checks




Wire Transfers (incoming)


Wire Transfers (outgoing Domestic)


Wire Transfers (outgoing International)



Checking & Savings Accounts

Check Printing

Depends on style of checks ordered

Business Net Pay (monthly)

$7.95 + .50 per transaction

Additional Business Net Pay charges: If requested

Overnight Payments


2 day shipping of payment


Second day economy


Charitable donations


Gift Cards



Payroll Direct (monthly)


Stop Payment Order


Cancellation of Stop Payment


NSF Second Party Check


NSF Member Check, NSF ATM Deposit/Withdrawal, NSF ACH Debit, Debit Card Overdraft


Overdraft Protection Transfer


Photocopy of Paid Member Check or CU Issued Check


Checking Monthly Service Fee


Coin Order over $100


Per Deposit with over 100 checks


Coin Counting



ATM Services

ATM Replacement Card


PIN Request


Mis-keyed ATM Deposit (each)


ATM Adjustment Fee