Dream Car. Dream Loan. AskAuto® App.

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Shopping for a car can be a complicated, stressful experience. What if you could find help to make the process easier? Now you can, with our new AskAuto app for your smartphone or tablet.

The AskAuto app is a powerful research and lending tool that can help you shop for your dream car and apply for a great loan through United Financial Credit Union.

The app is easy to use. Let’s say you’re out shopping for vehicles on Sunday afternoon and see three cars that you like. Simply scan the VINs into your mobile device to get the average retail cost, EPA mileage estimates and make notes about each vehicle. The AskAuto app saves the information so you can compare later.

While you’re on the lot, we can even send you messages about available loans or dealerships we have good partnerships with – giving you good, trustworthy information right when you need it.

Once you’ve decided on your car, apply for your loan anytime, anywhere using your smartphone or mobile device. Just scan your driver’s license* and let the AskAuto app do most of the work for you. Your loan application will prefill your personal information and the vehicle information you saved earlier.

With the AskAuto app, you’ll stay organized, save time and have information to make an informed purchase right at your fingertips.

Want to take the AskAuto app for a spin? Download today at http://askauto.loanliner.com/market. Be sure to select United Financial Credit Union on the app’s startup screen.

*Driver’s license scan not available in all states.

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