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The United Financial Crypto Portal is an optional, simple, and secure way for members to invest in and learn more about cryptocurrency.

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Credit Union Crypto:


The Crypto Portal is an optional, simple, and secure way for members to invest in and learn more about cryptocurrency.

United Financial Credit Union’s new Crypto Portal is a secure and reliable space for members to buy, sell and manage/hold Bitcoin and Ethereum digital currencies. United Financial Credit Union uses an audited ledger to track and monitor your crypto assets and account activities, so you can feel safe knowing that your transactions are secure and your personal information is kept private

Now Available in Online and Mobile Banking Platform!

Advantages of our Crypto Portal:

Some of the advantages of the digital exchange at United Financial Credit Union are:

  • a secure platform to buy, sell and manage cryptocurrency
  • an all-in-one platform in Online Banking & Mobile App
  • a medium to empower members to diversify their portfolios if they choose

By offering lower transaction fees, competitive exchange rates, enhanced security, a simplified investment process and a transparent fee structure, members can have confidence in their decision to invest in digital assets through United Financial Credit Union.

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What Makes Credit Union Crypto Different

It used to be a hassle to convert money when dealing with complicated, digital-only exchanges. But here at United Financial CU, we’re happy to offer you a simple solution. You will be able to easily purchase, sell, and hold crypto using our convenient online banking app.

Unlike digital-only cryptocurrency exchanges, United Financial Credit Union is a traditional, state-regulated credit union staffed by member service professionals. We are a local credit union, so United Financial is held to higher standards than any of the crypto exchanges; giving you confidence that we will never do anything illicit with your crypto and have thoroughly vetted our third-party cryptocurrency partners.  Cryptocurrency assets are not deposits or shares in the Credit Union and are thus not insured by the NCUA.

You own your cryptocurrency. Being a credit union regulated by the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services, we utilize an audited ledger to keep track of your crypto assets and monitor your account activities.

At United Financial, we will never use your digital assets for any purpose unless you give us specific instructions to do so. This means that your cryptocurrency funds will always be available to you.

What is a Crypto Custodian?

A financial custodian is a type of financial organization that holds assets and securities for investors. Utilizing a crypto custodian significantly reduces the risk of theft or loss of your digital assets. Rather than storing physical items like stocks, bonds, or cash, the custodian securely stores your cryptocurrency.

Why Consider Credit Union Crypto

When it comes to storing your crypto assets, there are many things to consider. It’s important to carefully consider what each provider offers before making a decision.

Our platform is a safe and reliable space for users to buy, sell, and hold different digital currencies. Users can feel safe knowing that their transactions are secure and their personal information is kept private.

No need to worry about downloading different apps or creating multiple accounts! You can access our all-in-one crypto platform right from United Financial Online & Mobile Banking.

At United Financial, we are regulated by the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services. This means that we are held to a higher standard than most crypto exchanges. Cryptocurrency assets are still not deposits or shares in the Credit Union and are thus not insured by the NCUA.

When Choosing A Custodian

United Financial only partners with qualified custodians which are typically state-chartered banks or trust companies. There are numerous benefits to using a cryptocurrency custodian including increased security measures and additional features. Before choosing a custodian for your digital assets, make sure to evaluate your needs and what a potential custodian offers.

Remember to keep these in mind when choosing a custodian:

  • What crypto coins do they offer? Will they support new coins as they’re added to the market?
  • When accessing and holding your digital assets, do you prioritize speed or latency?
  • Is the provider licensed and audited?
  • How much are the fees and when are they charged?
  • Is the custodian insured?

Advantages of Cryptocurrency at a Credit Union

Some of the advantages of cryptocurrencies at a credit union are:

  • Offer a secure platform to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency
  • All-in-one platform in United Financial Online & Mobile Banking
  • Empower our members to diversify their portfolios if they choose

Things to Keep In Mind

While cryptocurrencies have their benefits, there are also some negative aspects to consider. These include various issues, such as:

  • Crypto coins are volatile, unpredictable, and susceptible to market fluctuations and speculation.
  • Exchanging crypto requires technical knowledge and skills to use safely and effectively.
  • The United Financial Crypto Portal won’t offer all types of crypto coins.
Where do I access the Crypto Platform?

You can access the United Financial CU Crypto Portal in our online or mobile banking app.  You will see Crypto Trading on the left side menu.

What is the Fee Schedule for Each Trade?

There is a $0.99 minimum fee per trade, with a fee range of 1.00% – 2.99% per trade depending on the size of the transaction. You will be shown the amount of the trading fee before you confirm the trade.

The complete fee structure is as follows:
Minimum trade amount  = $6.00
Maximum buy amount = $25,000
Maximum sell amount = $100,000

How do I Buy/Sell/Hold Crypto?

Simply enroll in the crypto trading portal and accept the terms and conditions. Once your account is set up you can select your coin type, how much you want to purchase or sell, designate which checking or savings account and confirm. 

Can I send digital assets to a wallet outside of my financial institution?

No. The two most important goals for us as a financial institution in offering cryptocurrency is to make it as easy and safe to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency as possible.

To ensure ease and safety, cryptocurrency cannot be sent outside of the financial institution due to security and regulatory reasons.

Are my Digital Asset Holdings Taxable?

When you decide to sell your cryptocurrency holdings, it is important to keep in mind that they are subject to taxation just like any other investment asset.

Your annual 1099 will be available for you to access through online or mobile banking by February 15th

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, or “crypto,” is any kind of decentralized digital currency. Cryptocurrencies are based on cryptography, or advanced mathematical algorithms that are very difficult to crack. Cryptography is probably used a lot in your everyday life already – your phone and computer use it to keep your passwords secret and your data private. Unlike traditional currencies, like the U.S. Dollar, crypto is not issued or controlled by a central government or bank. Instead, crypto is managed by massive, free-to-join networks of computers. These computers maintain a shared ledger of all transactions on the network called a “blockchain.” The computers earn rewards in exchange for confirming that new transactions are valid. A majority of computers in the network need to agree when a new coin is produced or a new transaction is completed. Thus, the more computers that join the network, the more secure it is. Most cryptocurrencies are finite in quantity, which is why some people view them as a hedge against inflation. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and permanent, recorded on a public blockchain. Because cryptocurrency is transacted on a public ledger (or the blockchain) and the network of computers to create new crypto is free to join, anyone can easily participate in cryptocurrency. As long as someone has access to the internet they can get involved with crypto, regardless of location, government, or credit score. This makes the ecosystem more fair, equitable, transparent, and global. Many advocates see the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as the future and an alternative to traditional fiat currency like the U.S. Dollar.

How is my Crypto kept secure?

We use a combination of systems to ensure the crypto you store with WeStreet is secure.

We independently monitor your crypto balance with our qualified custodian daily to ensure there is agreement on the balance between all parties and immediately work to resolve any discrepancies if any do appear.

Crypto being held with our qualified custodians is not used for any other purposes and is there for you when you want to sell it.

Can I deposit digital assets into my Crypto account with United Financial ?

Currently, we don’t allow digital asset deposits. You can buy, sell, and hold digital assets on our platform. 

Can my cryptocurrency lose value?

Yes, like any investment product, your cryptocurrency may lose (or gain) in value over time. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and unpredictable, meaning their prices can go up and down quickly and without warning.

Many factors can affect a cryptocurrency’s value, such as supply and demand, regulation, hacking, competition, innovation, and market sentiment. You should only invest in cryptocurrencies if you are aware of the risks and willing to accept the potential losses.

Available for Personal Accounts 18 and over.

Digital assets (i.e. cryptocurrencies) held in your digital asset account (i.e. crypto account) are not federally insured by any government entities, including, but not limited to, NCUA. The digital assets offered may be heavily speculative and volatile; involve investment risk; may have associated fees; may not allow member recourse; and are being offered by a third party. Your digital account does not support wallet-to-wallet transferring of your digital assets (i.e. cryptocurrencies). You should carefully consider whether buying or holding digital assets is suitable for you in light of your financial condition. Digital assets are not obligations of United Financial Credit Union and are not guaranteed by United Financial Credit Union.  Digital assets (cryptocurrencies) are made available and held in a digital wallet maintained by SAFE, Inc, a Wyoming trust company, not the credit union. SAFE is a separate entity from, and not an affiliate of, United Financial Credit Union.

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