Starting young is smart!

You give them everything, now give them the gift of a more secure future. Invest into a youth account today and it could be ready for them by the time they need it most.

youth accounts

Learning the value of financial planning from an early age.

It’s never too early to start saving for their future. Joining the United Financial Dime-A-Saurus Kids Club teaches kids the value of money by building their own savings accounts. Plus, kids can enjoy visiting their community credit union thanks to our special promotions and activities! Youth members under 12 must be accompanied by an adult to joint-open their account.

  • Coloring book and other prizes for opening an account.
  • Report Card Rewards – Students get cash rewards for earning As and Bs in school!
  • Free coin counting for kids every 2nd Wednesday of the month!
  • Punch card to keep track of deposits – earn prizes with a completed punch card!

Once they turn 13, teens are encouraged to learn their own financial independence with a “Financial Beginnings” account! They can also start their own debit card or long term CD for college!

Easy to Start

Youth savings accounts can be opened with minimum balances as low as a quarter!

Encouraging Rates

Teaching kids to save is a worthwhile goal for all of us. That’s why we offer Youth CDs at amazing rates!

Freebies & Prizes!

Joining the Dime-A-Saurus Kids Club comes with coloring pages, prizes, Report Card rewards, and more!

Youth Certificates (CDs)


Interest Rate


6-Month Youth CD**

Ages 0-21



6-Month 4H or FFA CD***



*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. All dividends and interest are paid monthly and are based on average daily balance. There could be penalties for early withdrawal.
**Minimum investment of $100
**Maximum investment of $2,000
***Amount of 4H or FFA check, up to $5,000

Rates effective as of November 15, 2023. Fees could reduce earnings

teen accounts


As your teenager navigates through their formative years, United Financial Credit Union offers specialized accounts to foster their financial literacy and independence. Our Teen accounts are crafted to teach essential financial management skills to those aged 13-17.

For Your Teen’s Financial Growth:

  • Scholarships: $500 awards for college-bound high school seniors. Current application period is closed.
  • Savings Account: Open with $25; requires ID, Social Security Card, and adult accompaniment.
  • Teen Checking Account: For ages 13+, no fees
  • Debit Card: MasterCard for teens, encourages responsible spending and tracking.
  • Auto Loans: Affordable financing options for your teen’s first car.
  • Digital Banking: 24/7 account access via web, text, or mobile app.

banzai teen program

 Interactive financial education course for real-life money management skills.

Account Transition

Easy shift from Dime-A-Saurus Kids Club to teen account at age 13

See how life is better when you’re a member.