Placing our community first as our number one priority.

Through innovative, friendly, and quality service, United Financial is here to provide Michigan residents with long-term financial stability and support!

Our Values

As a non-profit community credit union, we are owned and operated by members–not by stakeholders states away. All profits are reinvested into our member community through better savings and loan rates. Join our credit union and see why we’re better for yourself!

Vision Statement

United Financial Credit Union will be Michigan’s premier financial institution by being a leader in the community and exhibiting strong financial performance. This will be achieved through innovation, technology and convenience.

DEI Statement

At United Financial Credit Union we believe that more diversity, equity, and inclusion drives value for our members and makes us better able to serve our membership and community. We believe in being a leader in the community and exhibiting strong financial performance. We are stronger as a team that welcomes diverse perspectives, experiences and approaches to foster a stronger, smarter, and more informed credit union.

Why You Should Join Your Community Credit Union!

Credit Unions

  • Owned by members who each get a vote on credit union operations
  • Non-profit
  • Ran by an elected board of directors voted in by active members
  • Community focused, driven by a goal to serve neighbors

Other Financial Institutions

  • Owned by stockholders who expect a return on their investment and may not even use the institution
  • Profit earnings returned to stockholders
  • Ran by board of directors hired to maximize profits for stockholders
  • Profit focused, driven to earn maximum profits despite customer experience

From Bridgeport to Beyond

United Financial Credit Union was formed in 1964 to serve a small group of tool and die workers in the Bridgeport area. Since then, we’ve grown into Saginaw, Bay City, Auburn, Chesaning and other locations in the Great Lakes Bay region.

In 2023, we even introduced banking drive-up kiosks complete with 24-hour ATMs and Live Virtual Tellers! Every opportunity for growth has always been with the same motivation: to better serve the needs of our members!

Not a member yet? Join today!