Don’t let bad credit get in your way!

When you have less than perfect credit, financing a new or used auto can sometimes be a real hassle. United Financial can work with you to get your credit back on track!

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United Financial Credit Union can help you avoid the frustration!


Stop paying higher interest rates and pay your auto loan off quickly.


We’re here to help! Contact us today to discuss your options.

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Why Finance with United Financial Credit Union?
We have everything you need when you are shopping for a new vehicle, all in one place! If you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, we can help.
  • Three ways to apply for a loan: in person, over the phone, or online
  • Competitive auto loan rates
  • Convenient payment terms
  • Friendly service – our loan reps will walk you through the entire process
  • ** Indirect Dealer options – have your loan paperwork prepared right at the dealership. See a complete list of our Indirect Dealers
The AskAuto® App Can Help

We’ve got a powerful new shopping tool that can help make your auto shopping experience easier. Find the perfect vehicle and perfect loan with the AskAuto® app for your smartphone or tablet.

With the AskAuto® app, you can:

  • Scan VINs to get average retail cost and EPA mileage estimates on cars you like.
  • Compare, rank and save notes on vehicles you want to buy.
  • Learn which loans might be best for you.
  • Apply for a loan anytime, anywhere using your smartphone or mobile device. Just scan your driver’s license*** and the AskAuto® app prefills the loan application with your personal information and vehicle info for the car you’re interested in. Saves you time and keystrokes!

Want to take AskAuto® for a test drive? Download your free app today. Be sure to select United Financial Credit Union on the app’s startup screen.

***Driver’s license scan not available in all states.

Auto Insurance
In addition to providing auto financing, let United Financial Credit Union help you find convenient and affordable automobile insurance.
Improve Your Credit Score

Accel Financial Services


Accel is a non-profit company that partners with you to achieve your financial goals. This benefit of membership gives you access to free money management and financial education services.

You can receive assistance with:

  • Personal and family budgeting
  • Understanding your credit report and how to improve your score
  • Money management
  • Debt repayment
  • Avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosure, and repossession
  • For more information, call Accel directly at 877.332.2235 or visit their website

The Accel web video series targets the entire financial life cycle and the situations that can impact your finances during each one of them. The helpful advice is relevant to everybody — youth, those in their middle years, and those planning for retirement.

Watch the videos here.

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