Zogo Finance

A fun and engaging mobile app that pays you to learn financial literacy!


From Gen X to Gen Z, everyone can benefit from learning a little more about personal finance. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Zogo.
Zogo is a gamified financial literacy app that rewards users for completing bite-sized financial literacy lessons on intelligently saving, spending, and managing their money. The app includes modules in 22 different topics, from opening a bank account to saving for retirement – and everything in between
By completing modules, taking interactive five-question quizzes, and participating in daily trivia games, users earn virtual “pineapples” and work toward real-life rewards – like a $5 gift card to one of their favorite stores!

Zogo pays you to learn financial literacy with a fun and engaging app.

Level up and earn while you learn, with real-life rewards!  Download the free app using code “UFCU”, and start earning while you learn today!

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Earn while you learn with Zogo and United Financial!

  • Play through 300+ bite-sized modules
  • Earn points by completing each education module
  • Exchange points for gift cards to your favorite stores

Download Zogo

Download the FREE Zogo mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.
Use the access code “UFCU” and start earning while you learn!

Earn 1,000 extra points for referrals.

Earn even more points toward gift card rewards when you invite friends and family to download the app and join UFCU!