The holidays are the perfect time of year to put some money away into a CD (certificate of deposit). Whether you’ve enjoyed a Christmas bonus or a gift of money from friends or family, you can put that cash into one of our many CD options and watch it grow!

The main benefits of saving with CDs include:

Fixed Rates for Fixed Terms

CDs will deliver a specific yield by the end of a designated time period. This is perfect if you’re saving up for a certain life event because you can time the CD to become mature when you’ll need the money the most.

Safer Than Investing

You don’t have to worry about how the stock market is performing or how other investments are panning out with a CD. The money you place into a CD will grow as anticipated.

Wide Selection of Terms

We have CDs ranging from 6 months to 60 months. Our minimum investments vary with each selection, as well as the interest rate and APY. You’re sure to find the right CD that fits your needs.

Better Return Than Savings Accounts

You’ll receive a higher yield on a CD than you will a savings deposit because you can’t withdraw your money out of a CD whenever you want (unless you agree to the penalty).

Open Up A CD with United Financial Credit Union Today

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