Remember teaching your kids to tie their shoes and brush their teeth? Perhaps that wasn’t too hard. But have you tried explaining your kids about the importance of money? It can be quite a challenge–especially the idea of saving and budgeting. United Financial Credit Union is here to help. We offer youth accounts from birth to age 12 and can help you guide your children into saving their money regularly with the Dime-A-Saurus Kids Clubs. It’s never too early to start investing in their financial future.

The Dime-A-Saurus Kids Club is designed to teach kids the value of saving money by building up their own savings account. Kids at any age below 12 can start with just 25 cents (and an adult joint-owner on the account).

Starting a youth account early on in your child’s life can help them become familiar with regularly depositing money each week. Participants receive a punch card that helps them keep track of their deposits. For a $2 or more deposit, kids receive one punch on their card. When their card is full, United Financial will gift an extra $10 in their account! Our program rewards their regular visits and teaches them the value of small contributions to their savings.

For older children, we even have advanced programs like Youth CDs with special higher rates. Give your children a good headstart while teaching them to be patient with their money.

Get your children invested in their future and teach them about banking with the Dime-A-Saurus Kids Club today!

Other Perks and Programs:

  • Free passbooks for kids to keep track of their money
  • Kids receive a kids-friendly newsletter
  • Dime-A-Saurus Coloring Pages
  • Great Rewards for Good Grades
  • Special prizes available at every deposit
  • Dividends earned on deposits at our regular savings rate
  • Junior Savers Day: Every 2nd Wednesday of the month – stop in for treats, double punches, and free coin counting!
  • Junior Savers – Monthly Saving Challenge! Each deposit earns you a chance to win a monthly prize!