No need to stand - banking from your phone

The pace of life just keeps getting faster. To-do lists keep getting longer. Everybody has more to do and less time to do it. How many times have you been in this scenario? There’s no time to stop at the credit union. You’d consider online banking, but you’re not at your home!

However, you do have a smartphone, and there’s an app for that! The United Financial Credit Union mobile app will keep you moving!

Mobile banking is convenient and incredibly secure. It doesn’t make any difference whether your smartphone is an Android or an iPhone because our app is available on both Google Play and iTunes.

Mobile banking provides plenty of services for you. Here’s what you’ll be able to do:

Check your balances

You live life on the go. You don’t have time to go home to check your balance before you gas up the car and pick up groceries on your way home from work. With the United Financial mobile app, you won’t need to backtrack. Just check your balance wherever you are and get the information you need with nearly real-time information. Our mobile app makes life more convenient so you can run your errands and get on to the next task.

Transfer funds between accounts

You’re used to transferring funds online to cover unexpected expenses and avoid overdrafts. But what if you’re away from home, or even on vacation? As long as you have your smartphone and United Financial’s mobile app, you can make transfers on a timely basis.

Make mobile deposits

Making deposits is a snap! Our mobile app allows you to take a photo of your check on your phone and deposit it electronically into your account. You enter the check amount and select which account to deposit the funds into.

Do make sure your images are clear before you submit it. Moreover, remember you need images of both the front and back of the check with “For mobile deposit only” written under your signature.

Bear in mind that not all checks can be deposited using our mobile app. You can deposit government and cashier checks as well as paychecks. Personal checks made out to you can be deposited, but no third party checks or checks to yourself from your account are allowed in mobile deposits.

View transaction history

Your account balance isn’t what you expected? View your transaction history instantly from the app. Maybe you just forgot a purchase you made, and perhaps you’ll uncover a transaction you didn’t make.

Mobile banking provides a simple way to monitor your account for suspicious activity. If you’ve ever received a notice from a credit card company or major retailer that your information might have been compromised, you’ll appreciate being able to monitor your accounts whenever and wherever you are.

Pay loans

Stranded at the airport? Your travel plans might be delayed, but your loan payment will be on time. It takes next to no time to pay a loan using United Financial’s mobile app. With only a few taps, you’re done. Mobile banking makes it easy to stay on track no matter what life throws at you.

Get financial answers

When you need answers, there’s nothing like talking with someone. The United Financial Credit Union mobile app can connect you with our team via phone or email – Get your answers without stopping in.

Try the United Financial Credit Union mobile app today!

To enroll in this service visit your app store.  Available on Google Play and iTunes.
*To access Mobile Banking, you will also need to be enrolled in Virtual Branch Online Banking.