Looking to start some new investments in 2021? United Financial is offering a fantastic CD special to ring in the new year!

New to CDs? A certificate of deposit, or CD, is one of the safest forms of investment out there. CDs are backed and insured by the NCUA, and their rates are fixed and guaranteed.

At United Financial, we’re now offering a brand new 39-month CD special with a Double Step Up Option!

At any time during the term, a member can bump up the interest rate to whatever the current rate is. Our “Double Step Up Option” allows for you to bump up your interest rate twice during the 39-month period. Imagine that, your rates increasing TWICE!

This is a great option to earn a higher rate of return on your money!

Invest With Us!

Relax with some peace of mind this year with our Double Step Up CD! Call or visit your local branch to get started today. See our current rates now!