Heroes aren’t only found on movie screens and comic books! Some of them live in the same neighborhood that you do! Is someone you know one of our local Hometown Heroes? If so, you can nominate them to be celebrated by United Financial! Examples of Hometown Heroes include:

Police Officers

Our brave law enforcement officers work 24/7 to protect our communities from crime. When called upon, they may even put their own lives at risk to save lives and protect property. Their selflessness and commitment to public safety is deserving of our gratitude.


When dangerous fires are spreading, it takes a trained force of people to safely put them out. Firefighters commonly handle high-pressure situations and provide critical assistance during accidents, natural disasters, and other medical emergencies. These professionals often work long hours, including nights, weekends and holidays to ensure our safety.

EMTs & Paramedics

When you see an ambulance speeding by, you know someone needs help. EMTs rely on their expertise and quick thinking to respond to life-threatening medical emergencies and get patients to the hospital in moments of crisis. These heroes frequently see traumatic and challenging situations in the line of duty which can take a toll on their emotional well-being. Celebrating and acknowledging their efforts is a nice way to show them we recognize and appreciate their work!

911 Dispatchers

While you may not see a dispatcher on the front lines of a crisis, they play a crucial role in emergency assistance and deserve our support. 911 dispatchers are expected to keep a steady head while communicating with citizens undergoing crisis, and alert the proper agencies to respond. It is with their help that our other Hometown Heroes get to shine.

Active Military & Veterans

Whether a citizen is actively enlisted in or has served in the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, or National Guard–they can also be celebrated for their heroism on or off duty. They serve and protect all of us when they choose to serve their country.

Nominate a Hometown Hero!

Would you like to help United Financial celebrate Hometown Hero? Does this person go above and beyond for their community? Show them how much you appreciate them and nominate them to be our Hometown Hero of the Month! Qualifying nominees are those individuals contributing to public safety, security, or health. They may be a first responder or in the medical/healthcare field. United Financial will select a nominee to honor each month in a special way for that particular hero! Nominate a Hometown Hero now here!

Are YOU a Hometown Hero?

If you’re a Hometown Hero, you don’t need to be nominated to enjoy special perks with your United Financial membership. To qualify for Hometown Hero benefits, you must be a:

  • Law enforcement officer
  • EMT
  • Firefighter
  • Veteran of a US Military
  • Active Military member
  • 911 Dispatcher
  • Other First Responder

Learn more about the perks of being a Hometown Hero here.