Debt can appear out of nowhere: unexpected car failures, medical expenses, pet emergencies. These unforeseen circumstances can take you from in control to drowning in debt in the blink of an eye. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by debt and wondering how to keep your head above water, a balance transfer may be just what you need! Improving your financial health will pay dividends in all areas of your life – not just your pocketbook.

Balance Transfer Loans

Managing multiple sources of debt can be stressful. Consolidating any outstanding debts to one balance transfer loan can free up some of your mental energy so that you can get out of debt faster. It can also reduce the amount you’re paying in interest! Instead of paying 15%+ on multiple loans, you can pay a set interest rate on just one. United Financial offers balance loan transfer rates as low as 4.99% APR*.

Managing Your Debt

Balance transfer loans aren’t the only strategy you can employ to get out of debt. Combining one with our other Strategies & Tips for Getting Out of Debt will help to ensure you’re on the right path to paying off your obligations.

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