Paying bills can be a hassle whether it’s making the time to run down to the bank, remembering to buy stamps, or getting a check out in the mail. What’s an even worse hassle is forgetting a bill and incurring late fees. That’s why United Financial offers our members the ultimate bill payment service – Net Pay with Automated Payments!

It’s simple: sign up for Net Pay and you can have your bills paid out of your United Financial account every month. You can even set up automatic payments for regular bills so you don’t even need to worry about remembering if you paid or not.

It’s so much more convenient to pay all of your bills from a central location each month instead of having to log into several different websites, write checks, or stop into physical locations. Not only is it easier, but it also saves you time, keeps an electronic record of your transactions, and allows for remote access.

With Net Pay you no longer have to keep track of all your important dates because you can:

  • Automate recurring payments
  • Receive email or text reminders when payments are due
  • View the due date and amount of upcoming bills right on your dashboard with eBill
  • Gift Checks – for anyone who wants to send a check for a special occasion without the hassle of envelopes and stamps. Learn More Here.
  • Pay using your Amazon Alexa with Voice Pay. Learn more about Voice Pay Here.

If you already have Direct Deposit with United Financial you can receive this service for free! You can also sign up and receive a free 90-day introductory period if you don’t have Direct Deposit. Cost is $4.95 a month after introductory period.

Sign Up Today!

To enroll in this service just log into your Virtual Branch, click on Online Services and then choose Net Pay to set up.