Misplacing things is a common occurrence, but it’s never a good feeling when you realize you can’t locate your wallet or debit card. Did you leave it somewhere public? Could someone find it and start spending your money? Don’t panic. Instead, follow these steps if you discover you’ve lost your wallet or debit card.

Turn Off Your Cards

With the convenience of today’s mobile banking, you can deactivate your debit right from your smartphone. CardNav is a mobile app that’s completely free to download and can be used to turn off any card at a moment’s notice. It also has amazing security applications like setting geographic rules or spending thresholds that will alert you if your card is being used in a way that you tell it not to. If you do find your missing card, you can reactivate it too with the app.

Check Your Account History

Luckily, it should be easy to still check out your recent transactions with online banking. This step has two advantages: you’ll be able to monitor for any fraudulent activity, and you’ll be able to see where your card was last used–which could be where you left it.

Report Any Unauthorized Transactions

If you do have purchases in your recent history that you can’t account for, then you’ll want to report those immediately to your financial institution.

Fraud Protection

Credit and debit cards are protected by federal fraud liability protections. The most important thing to remember is to act quickly informing your financial institution. Don’t delay, because your level of liability increases the longer you take. The best practice is to inform your bank within two business days.


The Electronic Funds Transfer Act protects personal liability according to the following chart:

Reporting the Missing Card: Your potential liability is up to:

Within two business days of discovering a card is missing




Over two business days but less than 60 calendar days after your account statement was sent to you




More than 60 days after your account statement was sent to you


The full amount withdrawn from your account


Update Any of Your AutoPays

If you need to deactivate your card, then you want to be sure to update any accounts that are set up for autopay. You could miss a payment if it tries to charge an inactive account and accrue late fees.

Need to Replace a Card?

If you can retrace your past steps and find your cards, that is great. That isn’t always an option, like when you’re on extended travel. At United Financial, you have two ways of getting a replacement card. Simply visit any of our locations and we can give you an instant issue debit card. Activate it and you’re all set to go!

Overall, it isn’t a pleasant experience losing your cards, but it doesn’t have to hurt your account if you act quickly.

Is There a Solution for Losing Items?

If you do lose your wallet or purse often, there are new technological solutions for this problem. Products like the Apple AirTag, Samsung SmartTag, and Tile Pro are small keychain-sized gadgets that can fit inside a wallet or purse. They’re BlueTooth devices that connect to your smartphone to help you easily locate the tag using GPS technology.

Apple AirTag, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, and Tile Pro are to be used at your own discretion, United Financial does not officially endorse any of these products.