Taking a vacation together as a family is awesome. Everyone gets to spend quality time together, nobody has to focus on work, and fond memories can be made that will last a lifetime. The only drawback is how much planning and effort a vacation can take. It can be hard to keep everyone in the family together, accommodated, and entertained all day. One amazing tool that many families have discovered as a solution to their vacating troubles is a Recreational Vehicle or Travel Trailer. Could an RV or trailer be the perfect way for your family to vacation? Learn the benefits and how easy it is to finance one with a recreational loan with United Financial!

RVs Versus Trailers

Depending on the vehicles you already own, a trailer or a motorhome may be more appropriate for you. Travel trailers need to be hauled behind pickup trucks and can sleep families from two people to nine! Very basic, affordable trailers like pop-up campers only include a bed, but more advanced models like 5th-Wheelers include full showers and miniature kitchens, complete with refrigerators, cooktop burners, and working sinks.  A trailer is generally going to be more affordable than a motorhome but will require a vehicle that is capable of towing it.

RVs, or motorhomes, are fully licensed vehicles equipped with their own engines and come in three different classes. Class B motorhomes are built as small as a van, while Class A can be as large as a bus! Based on their size, they include the same amenities as most trailers.

No More Hotels!

With a family RV, your family can go anywhere and always have a place to stay. You never have to “rough it” when you have a camper to sleep in! Campsites, major theme parks, and other popular destinations all have dedicated areas for motorhomes to set up for overnight stays, and these are almost always cheaper than renting a room at a hotel or resort. Need to take a break on the road between hotels? Never an issue with a family RV.

A Few Warnings

While RVing can be more cost-effective than traditional forms of vacationing, it may not be the best option for every family–especially those with infants or toddlers. Space is limited, so it can be hard to separate fighting kids or get privacy. Motorhomes also lack laundry facilities or Wi-Fi, amenities that families may rely on at hotels. Even with these potential drawbacks, many families can benefit from vacationing with an RV or trailer!

Financing an RV with a Recreational Loan

You don’t need to save up to start RVing with your family, you can finance one today with the favorable recreational loan terms at United Financial. Financing can be used up to the full cost of the purchase! While rates have been uncharacteristically high, our recreational loan rates are very competitive and we offer easy repayment terms that allow you to pay off your motorhome at your comfort. Are you ready to vacation in style? Get started on your recreational loan process today! See our list of RV Dealers we work with.