Recent events have ruined a lot of peoples’ plans. Many people have had to cancel vacations and trips, and without travel insurance–they may not be receiving any refund. The need for travel insurance is clear, even when most people tend to take it for granted. So is travel insurance right for your next trip?

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is offered through a variety of businesses such as airlines, cruise lines, travel agencies, and credit card companies. Coverage ranges from include replacement of lost items, a refund on a trip if you need to cancel a few days prior, or insurance so you don’t have to worry about emergency medical expenses in the event of a health problem while out of the country. Your coverage typically depends on the carrier and varies by your individual policies.

When You DON’T Need Travel Insurance:
Traveling in the U.S. is typically less costly than international travel. If there is less money at risk of being lost, the investment of travel insurance is typically not worth it.
● Last minute trips within the continental U.S.
● U.S. travel
● If you can afford to lose your pre-paid travel expenses

When You DO Need Travel Insurance:
When you leave the U.S., not medical insurance may not cover you. That’s why it’s important to have emergency medical and evacuation coverage whenever you travel outside of the U.S.
● International trips
● Cruises
● You don’t want to lose the investment in your vacation

The future is not always foreseeable. It’s important to take into account all the possibilities when planning a vacation so you and yours can stay safe and healthy! Travel insurance does incur a cost of course, but it may be worth the fee during more uncertain times.