Summer is time to play! When the weather warms, the choices are many: boating, off-roading, and camping or glamping. If you’re independently wealthy, choosing a recreational vehicle might not be a concern because cost isn’t necessarily an issue. If you, however, are a discerning consumer looking for the best recreational vehicle for your needs and budget, you need to decide what’s the best recreational vehicle for you.

Once you decide on your choice for summer fun, you still need to figure out how to finance your recreational vehicle. Boats, ATVs, and RVs all come in a range of price points. Securing a loan from United Financial Credit Union will help you keep the fun in “fun in the sun” because you’ll like our loan rates.

Find your dreamboat

Michigan is the Great Lake State, where water is never far from where you live. But if you don’t live on the water, you’ll need a boat trailer and a vehicle big enough to haul it. Or you’ll need to leave your boat at a marina. Keep those additional costs in mind before you buy.

Also consider the type of boating that appeals to you. The options are too many to list them all, but here’s a quick rundown of choices:

  • Canoes & kayaks
  • Personal watercraft
  • Fishing boat
  • Speed boat
  • Pontoon

Will you be fishing or waterskiing? You won’t find one boat that’s perfect for both of those activities. Would you rather be canoeing down a river or be out on a jet ski? No doubt there’s a watercraft to match your dream.

It’s also possible to buy a used dreamboat. Some folks find the reality of owning and maintaining a boat doesn’t match their dream. You might be able to take that boat off of their hands. Choosing a recreational vehicle has its pitfalls, so learn from someone else’s mistakes. Do your homework!

What is your homework? Learn everything you can about the boat you want to buy:

  • Read up on the boat of your dreams.
  • Talk to boat owners about what they like or don’t like about their boat.
  • Try before you buy.

Homework can be fun! Really. It will pay off in choosing a recreational vehicle you won’t later regret purchasing.

While dreaming is free, dreamboats, unfortunately, are not. They come with a price tag. So add one more assignment to your homework: Come talk to a loan officer at United Financial. We’ll help you finance that dreamboat.

Learn More about financing a watercraft through United Financial.

ATVs make rough roads fun!

If boating leaves you feeling seasick, your dream might be hitting the trails in an ATV. What outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) doesn’t gravitate toward a rugged all-terrain vehicle? While some ATVs are designed for hard work on the farm, others are designed for pure sport. Others are even scaled down for kids.

The more powerful the engine is, the more fun you’ll have, but the higher the price tag is, too. If you don’t have $10,000 to $15,000 to plop down on a new ATV to go play, you’ll need a loan. Some things to consider before you buy:

If you’re thinking about an ATV for the kids, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • How old are they?
  • Will they outgrow the ATV before your loan is paid off?
  • Are you considering a new or used ATV?
  • What will the resale value be when it’s outgrown?

As with any recreational vehicle, there’s the cost of the vehicle itself. But don’t forget to add in the costs of transporting and using it:

  • If you don’t live where you can hit the trails out your back door, will you need to buy a truck and/or trailer to haul your new toys?
  • How far will you have to drive?
  • Will it be just for the day or for a weekend or more of camping?

If you want to borrow less, choosing a recreational vehicle that’s used is one option. Just be sure to check it over carefully. ATVs can take abuse, but unless you’re a mechanic, find one that’s gently used if you can and have a qualified mechanic inspect it before purchasing.

Just because you’re choosing a recreational vehicle that’s designed for fun, it doesn’t mean you can skip your due diligence before you buy. Come talk to our loan officers at United Financial. We can steer you to a good deal and a great finance rate.

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The ABC’s of Motorhomes

If you don’t know what type of RV-ing you want to do, choosing a recreational vehicle is next to impossible. Is it for a weekend get-away? Living a nomadic retirement life on the road? Spending a family vacation at a state park?

If you intend to go cross-country over the course of a year with two golden retrievers, that vintage VW campervan might wear thin. But it could be perfect for a spontaneous weekend away from the bustle of everyday life. Figuring out what type of RV-ing suits you is your first step in choosing a recreational vehicle.Trailer.

You need to match the type of RV to your intended use. Class A RVs are the roomiest and could be ideal for a family or retirees who want to hit the open road with all the luxuries of home.

Your next decision in choosing a recreational vehicle is whether you want to tow or drive your recreational vehicle.

When towing your home away from home, your RV needs to be compatible with the vehicle towing it. Are you driving a minivan, SUV or a full-size truck?

  • Pop-up camper. This is a great choice for smaller vehicles to tow. Pop-ups are more maneuverable than trailers or 5th Park it at your campsite and you can drive your vehicle to make side trips, whether sightseeing or making a run for more supplies.
  • Trailer. These classics are still around for a reason. From pint-sized to “long, long” trailers, you can find a size to match your needs.
  • 5th Wheel. Make sure your current truck can haul the one you want.

If you’d rather drive your home away from home, your motorhome choices come in three classes:

  • Class A. This is the deluxe house on wheels, which is well suited for those who intend to live a nomadic life on the road.
  • Class B. These motorhomes look like vans on steroids. They don’t provide as much space as a Class A, but you’ll love the fuel efficiency and versatility of these RVs.
  • Class C. These are camper and truck hybrids all in one. You’ll find versions from entry-level to beyond.

Budget is another consideration in choosing a recreational vehicle. How much financing will you need to make your dream come true? A second-hand pop-up might be affordable as a cash purchase. A new Class A RV could set you back by $200,000. Financing a recreational vehicle can be like financing a house.

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Funancial Advisors

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. The same goes for girls. As Cyndi famously sang, “Girls just want to have fun.”

Financial advice often focuses on your big financial worries: mortgages, college educations, and retirement. But United Financial hasn’t forgotten that you need to enjoy life along the way!

Before choosing a recreational vehicle, take time to put your finances in order. The last thing you want while you’re having fun is worrying about how you’re going to pay for it. United Financial can help ease your financial woes.

Talk to our loan experts. United Financial offers the best rates for financing a recreational vehicle. We can set up easy repayment terms with up to 100% financing! So get out there and have some fun!

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