Fed up with your bank? Tired of the fees? You’d put your money elsewhere if there were only some other place to put it? You’re in luck! There is such a place! It’s called a credit union. If you think there isn’t any difference between a bank and a credit union, think again. Here’s why you need to join a credit union today.

Less Is More

Credit unions give you everything you expect from a bank and less! Credit unions provide the banking services you need minus the frustration.

  • How does no minimum balance sound on your checking account?
  • How does no annual fee on a credit card sound?
  • How about a low interest rate on your credit card to boot?
  • How about paying fewer and lower fees?

Like we said, less is more! Credit unions offer the features you appreciate, but they minimize the irritations. If less hassle sounds appealing to you, you can’t beat a credit union. Our goal is hassle-free customer service.

A Credit Union Is Not a Bank

Banks are for-profit institutions designed to make money for their owners and share holders. A credit union, on the other hand, is a non-profit, member-owned financial institution.

Banks tend to make decisions that are good for their bottom-line and their stock holders. Credit unions make decisions that are in the best interest of their members. Isn’t that a refreshing change in doing business? As a member, you have a vote, so you have some say in how your credit union runs.

Better Benefits

Credit union membership comes with a number of benefits. We’re outlining just four reasons why you should join today. We know you’ll like these benefits because our members have told us this is what they love about membership in United Financial Credit Union:

1. Better interest rates on savings.

In the good old days, savings accounts earned high interest rates. You could squirrel away part of your wages and watch that nest egg grow. As interest rates on savings dropped over the years, your tidy sum started to lose ground.

The good news is that credit unions outperform banks nationwide when it comes to savings interest rates. Your money will work harder with us. Bankrate, for example, found that an average 5-year CD paid .85% while the National Association of Credit Unions reported an average of 1.55%.  Which rate would you rather receive?

We thought so. Join a credit union and put your savings where they’ll earn a better rate.

2. Lower rates on loans.

Nearly everyone needs to borrow money at some point. Cars don’t last forever. You want your piece of the American Dream—a home of your own. You need a credit card for life’s emergencies or just for the convenience.
Borrowing money costs money, of course. However, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, too. If you feel like you’re paying higher interest rates than you should, you’ll be pleased with our rates.

  • Auto loans. When you read that fine print on your low-payment deal elsewhere, you discover what all that interest adds up to: you’re buying your vehicle and then some!
    A credit union loan takes that sting away. Come talk to one of our loan officers. We’ll help you finance that vehicle for less. Then pocket the savings to put toward your next vehicle or a long-overdue vacation.
  • Mortgage. Your home is the biggest purchase you’ll make, but a home is more than simply an asset. Home is where you live your life. Your mortgage shouldn’t keep you awake at night, worrying whether you could lose everything
    Visit with one of our loan officers. We’ll set you up with a mortgage that let’s you sleep at night. We offer sweet deals and sweet dreams. That equals home sweet home.
  • Credit cards. Does your current credit card feel like it offers more punishments than rewards? Apply for a credit card through United Federal Credit Union and discover no annual fees, a low interest rate, and real rewards. No more scouring the Internet to find a decent card. Your search ends with us.

3. Fewer fees.

Does your bank sock you with hidden fees? Is there yet another bank fee every time you get your monthly statement? Credit unions have fees, too, but any fees we charge won’t come as a surprise. And our fees are typically lower than bank fees because we aren’t trying to increase our profit margin.

  • Checking account. Ever feel like the bank was making you pay them for the privilege of accessing your money? United Financial Credit Union feels differently. You won’t pay a monthly maintenance fee. Write as many or as few checks a month, you won’t pay a “per check” charge—ever.
  • Overdraft. We hope you don’t experience an overdraft, but if you do, our fee is considerably lower than area bank overdraft fees.

4. Personal Service.

We’re large enough to take care of your financial needs but small enough to know your name. Does that sound like your bank? Or do you get the feeling that large account holders get preferential treatment?
Credit union membership means you’re one of us. We’re in it together regardless of the size of your wallet. We treat all members well, regardless of how much or how little you have in your accounts. All members deserve to be treated with respect. In fact, we’re downright friendly!

A Little Bit over the Long Haul

If a percentage point here and a couple dollars there don’t impress you, consider this: add up what you would pocket in a day and multiply that by 365. That’s what you’ll save in a year.

Now multiply that by 10 or 20 years of savings. Or multiply it by a 30-year mortgage and discover how much less you’re paying to own your home. Now you’re talking real money!

Do yourself a favor. Join United Financial Credit Union today and start making your money make you some money instead of making money for a bank. You’ll rest easier when you put your hard-earned money into a credit union. Credit union membership pays!

Join a Credit Union Today

United Financial Credit Union makes joining simple. If you live, work, or worship in Bay, Midland, or Saginaw County, you are eligible to join! In fact, you can join online!

If you’re an “in person” kind of person, we have six locations to serve you in the Great Lakes Bay Region area. And if one of these locations isn’t as close as you’d like, we offer online and mobile banking, so you’re covered either way. Here’s where you can stop in or call today.

Phone: 989.777.3620
Email: info@unitedfinancialcu.org

Auburn Office

4710 N. Garfield Rd.
Auburn, MI 48611
(Located just off the corner of N. Garfield and Midland Rd.

Bridgeport Office

5658 Dixie Highway
Saginaw, MI 48601
(Located just east of King Road)

Chesaning Office

1720 W. Brady Rd
Chesaning, MI 48616

Freeland Office

7600 Midland Rd.
Freeland, MI 48623
(Located in Pat’s Food Center Complex)

Saginaw Twp. Offices

4685 State St.
Saginaw, MI 48603
(Located across from Green Acres Plaza)

2510 Weiss St.
Saginaw, MI 48602
(Located next to Consumers Energy)


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