Life gets busy fast. Save yourself some time by signing up for Direct Deposit at United Financial. It’s a fast, easy, and convenient way to electronically deposit your payroll check, Social Security, or retirement benefits. Here are some additional benefits Direct Deposits provide.

Less Errands

Utilizing Direct Deposit means you have less errands to take care of. There’s no need to stop by a branch on payday to deposit your check because it all happens electronically!

Don’t Have to Be At Work To Get Paid

Sometimes payday falls on a vacation or sick day. With Direct Deposit there’s no need to travel to work to pick up your check – you’ll still get paid.

You Can’t Lose An Electronic Check

But you could lose a paper one, and who wants the hassle?

Control Of Your Money

Direct Deposit allows for better money management. When you set up your paychecks to be direct deposited you can choose where you want the funds to go and can allocate certain percentages of your check to a savings account or emergency fund. This makes budgeting so much easier!

Immediate Access To Your Funds

Gone are the days of stopping by the credit union on your lunch or at the end of the day. With Direct Deposit you get immediate access to your check on payday.

Sign Up!

To enroll in Direct Deposit follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a Direct Deposit form from your employer.
  2. Complete your personal information, including:
    1. Your United Financial CU Account Number
    2. To which account funds should be deposited, Checking or Savings
    3. United Financial’s Routing Number: 272477241
  3. Sign and submit as directed.