Hey, new college student!

Got everything you need? Clothes, stuff for the dorm, books? How about a financial institution? If you don’t already have one, add ‘open a checking account’ to your list.

A checking account with debit card allows you to pay for expenses, make purchases in stores or online, and withdraw money from an ATM. And, when you receive student funding or a paycheck you’ll be able to opt for direct deposit. You’ll be able to link your debit card to your smartphone to make super-easy and safe mobile transactions.


Do your homework! Thought you were getting a break from that, huh? It’s important that you feel comfortable with the financial institution you choose.

  • Ask your parents and friends for recommendations
  • Check out the financial institution’s social media and website
  •  Read reviews
What about United Financial Credit Union?
We have a variety of Checking Accounts for you, even an option to earn rewards, just by doing your regular banking activities!  Learn more about them here.
Digital banking lets you manage your money without visiting a branch.
*Bonus – other United Financial members (ahem…like your parents) are able to transfer money quickly and safely to your account through digital banking.
Plus – Access to over 30,000 fee free ATMs on the CO-OP network!

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We are here to help.
We are always ready and happy to answer questions, offer advice and resources, and guide you through your financial journey. You can reach us by giving us a call at 989.777.3620 , text us or stop by a branch.   See all the ways to contact us here