Save More and Earn More with a CD at United Financial!

Available in terms from three months to five years. Rates are subject to change on a monthly basis, but are fixed for the term when a CD is purchased. Minimum deposits are required and vary depending upon terms. Dividends are posted monthly by compounding to the CD balance, deposited to your Savings account, or a check sent by mail. Penalties for early withdrawal may apply.

If you are interested in opening a Certificate of Deposit you can give us a call or visit an office to get started.

View our current rates and specials here.

Step Up CD
This is a 20 month Certificate of Deposit which allows you to “step-up” the rate to whatever the current rate is, once during the 20 month term.

Save to Win CD
This is a 12 month Certificate of Deposit that you can win monthly prizes with, for each $25 you deposit you earn an entry into the monthly drawings. Click here to find out more.

Youth CD
Start saving today with a 6 month Youth CD! This is for youth ages 0-21. They can start their own certificate for just $100 and can continue adding to it until it reaches a maximum of $2,000.

4H or F.F. A. CD
This special CD is for anyone involved in a 4H Club or Future Farmers of America {F.F.A.}. Bring in your check from the sale of your animal or craft items to open this special 6 month CD. At the end of the 6 month term, you can use the money to buy your next animal, supplies for the fair or just continue to save with a Youth CD!

Safe Parking CD
This is a 36 month Certificate of Deposit which allows you a one time withdraw of up to 50% of the balance of the CD with no penalty.

United Financial also offers IRA certificates for Traditional & Roth IRA funds for various term limits.