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Virtual Branch Online Banking

Use your computer to access your United Financial account information! It’s totally FREE and is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week!

What can I do on Virtual Branch?

  • Check your account balances
  • Loan, Savings or Checking account history
  • Account transfers – transfer money between your accounts or transfer money to another account at United Financial Credit Union
  • Change your address
  • Sign up for E-Mail Alerts
  • Pay your bills with Net Pay
  • View your statements

Learn more about our Digital Banking Platform here

Security and Peace of Mind

We place importance on the security of your accounts. You will be assigned a PIN and a Password, we encourage you to change the password when first logging on and periodically thereafter. Only authorized users should have access to your online account. In addition, all account information is encrypted to provide you with top of the line security.

Password Requirements

Your Password for Virtual Branch Online Banking must be between 8 – 20 characters and can contact special characters.

If you are enrolling as a new user you will need your account number, EIN/SSN and an email and phone number. You will use the same email and phone number that is on your account at United Financial CU.

Visit our website to enroll your account in Virtual Branch.

Mobile Banking

United Financial Credit Union members can manage their accounts anytime and from anywhere, using our free Mobile Banking service. Once you are enrolled in Virtual Branch Online Banking, you will be able to access our Mobile Banking app on your phone or tablet.

United Financial Mobile App Features

To enroll in this service visit your app store.   Available on Android and Apple.

Business Net Pay

Our Business Net Pay solution not only helps businesses pay their bills; it helps them manage their resources. If your business is striving for paperless organization, then Business Net Pay can offer you that same control over employee deposits, account summaries, and tax administration.

Business Net Pay features these tools to help you manage your resources:

  • Multiple-User access
  • Single/Recurring Payments
  • Payment/Deposit History
  • Tax Administration
  • Manage Accounts
  • Schedule Deposits
  • Customized Audit Reports
  • Account Summary
  • And much more!

Click here to access Business Net Pay 

To enroll in this service just log into your Virtual Branch, click on Online Services and then choose Net Pay to set up.

Try it for FREE for the first 90 days.
Monthly cost of $5.95 a month.
Free for Business PLUS Checking Members.

*Business Checking and Community Group Checking Members can have Net Pay Fee waived if they meet one of the following requirements – Has Direct Deposit, Merchant Card Processing with United Financial CU or a Business Loan $30,000 + original balance. 


Would you like to balance your checkbook a little earlier or find out what dividends have been paid to your account? You can receive your monthly statements electronically on the first of the month. You can view your statements by logging into your Virtual Branch account.

You can:

  • Print and view your statement at your convenience
  • Able to view previous statements
  • This is a safer way to receive your statements and will reduce your paper clutter!
  • Best of all it’s FREE!!

To enroll in this free service just log into your Online Banking, click on the E_Statmenet button on your Dashboard to enroll. 

Once you sign up for E-Statements you must log on and view at least one statement. This will STOP your paper statements from coming in the mail.  All business accounts will receive Free Electronic Statements. If you would like to receive a Paper Statement, there will be a fee of $3.00 a month.

E-Mail Alerts

Use Email Alerts to monitor your accounts!!

Have you ever wished that you could be notified before your checking account runs out of money? Or, that you could be reminded when your direct deposit posts to your account? You can with United Financial E-Mail Alerts!!

E-Mail Alerts are a good way to prevent accidental overdrafts and they can also help you reduce the risk of fraud by notifying you of withdrawals from your account!

Available Alerts:

  • Direct Deposit notice
  • Overdraft or NSF notices
  • Debit Card Transactions
  • Low or High account balance
  • Promotional E-Mails
  • Certificate/Loan information


US 24 Telephone Teller

Use a touch-tone telephone from anyplace to access your United Financial account information! You can hear your account balances, transfer money, find out what transactions have cleared and so much more. It is totally FREE and is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week!

Download an Instructional Brochure Here

How Does U.S. 24 Work?

After entering your account number and personal identification code the system will ask for an account or inquiry transaction code. Follow the voice prompts from there by using the share or loan types and symbols to conduct your transactions.

To enroll in this service speak call 989.777.3620 ex 1.
As a first time user, you will need to enter your account number and full SSN/EIN. You will then set up a PIN for this service.