Welcome to United Financial Credit Union, established in 1964, your full-service, not-for-profit financial cooperative. We are owned and operated by members – so we comprise a family-like organization. Since we do not pay stockholders, after expenses, profits are returned to you and fellow members in the form of better savings and loan rates.

Mission Statement

Through innovative, friendly, and quality service, United Financial Credit Union will provide long-term financial stability to our credit union, our members and their families!

Vision Statement

United Financial Credit Union will be Michigan’s premier financial institution by being a leader in the community and exhibiting strong financial performance. This will be achieved through innovation, technology and convenience.

DEI Statement

At United Financial Credit Union we believe that more diversity, equity, and inclusion drives value for our members and makes us better able to serve our membership and community. We believe in being a leader in the community and exhibiting strong financial performance. We are stronger as a team that welcomes diverse perspectives, experiences and approaches to foster a stronger, smarter, and more informed credit union.

What is a Credit Union

A credit union is a full service financial institution.  Credit unions offer a full range of financial services including loans, savings, investments, credit cards and mortgages.

  Credit Unions Other Financial Institutions
Where does their profit go? Credit unions are non-profit and exist to help people, not to make a profit.  As such, all earnings are returned to their members in the form of high-interest savings and low rate loans For profit businesses, all earnings are returned to their stockholders
Who is in charge of managing my money? A volunteer board of directors, elected by the members, governs a credit union.  With their vote, each member has a direct impact on the direction of the credit union An elected board of directors, who are paid, are legally required to make decisions that are best for the stockholders, not their customers.  Customers have no say (vote) in the running of their financial institution
Who does the financial institution focus on? “People helping people” is the credit union philosophy.  A credit union’s goal is to serve all of their members equally and provide charitable contributions to their community. Other financial institutions focus on making a profit to benefit their stockholders.
Who owns the financial institution? Credit unions are owned by their members.  Each member gets one vote and an equal say in how the credit union is run. Owned by stockholders who expect a return on investment and may not even use the financial institution

Why Join United Financial

United Financial Credit Union members love their credit union for many reasons.

  • Friendly personal service
  • Extended Drive Thru Hours
  • Credit card with rewards, no annual fees, low interest rate
  • Direct deposits and wire deposits
  • Free Financial education and counseling services
  • High interest rates on savings accounts and CDs
  • Discount programs {See Below}
  • Investment services
  • Checking Account with no minimum balance requirements
  • Low interest rates on mortgages and vehicle loans
  • Notary services
  • Online and mobile banking
  • Your savings are insured up to $250,000 so you can trust your money is safe and secure.
  • We follow conservative investment practices, lend responsibly and live within our financial means, so you can trust your credit union’s decisions